ReplayGain support in Phonon

  • Hello,

    I'm developing a media player which will be used primary on Windows (but I want to support Linux as well). I want the player to support ReplayGain. I believe it is supported in Phonon, but I couldn't find any documentation on this.

    Also according to what I found, the support depends on the backend. On Windows it is DirectShow, which probably won't support it. If this is true, how can I detect if a backend supports ReplayGain or not?

  • Some time ago I search for the same feature and I did not find nothing. And the only solution which works on all backed was:

    @m_music = Phonon::createPlayer(Phonon::MusicCategory, m_source);
    QObject::connect(m_music, SIGNAL(finished()), this, SLOT(replay()));@

    my 'replay' function;
    @m_music->setCurrentSource(m_source); // reset the source
    m_music->play(); // and play again@

  • renato.filho renato.filho> Thanks for your answer, but I think you are talking about "repeat" function. I don't have any problems with that. I'm interested in "Replay Gain":

    My current solution is to catch trackChanged signal (I will probably switch to finished() signal) and then I adjust the volume in dB according to Replay Gain values in tags.

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