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Total wiki articles in profile

  • Do you think its a good idea to also show this along with "Total posts", "Total comments" that are currently being shown in my profile?

  • What do you want to count as wiki articles? Created pages, changed pages, created pages and changed pages, something else? From my point of view it is not determined fully what should be counted.

  • created only for starters? when posts and comments are being tracked, why not wiki articles created? :)

  • So a counter for "Wiki pages contributed to"? The number would be of dubious value as Denis points out (but close enough?), but quite handy if that would link to an overview of the wiki pages in question. Especially handy for me finding the wiki pages I have been working on.

    I'll talk it over with the team.

  • Yup. I want an overview over my wiki pages too. And it would be handy if we could easily find out which wiki pages a user has been working on.

    Although the total number is probably not that useful. We'll discuss.

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