Material design on desktop applications (not QtQuick)

  • Hi, I have nearly finished my project (1 year and 1 month since I started) I'm now trying to give my application a better style (I was thinking on something like google material design), and actually I found that material design is implemented on QtQuick, but my program is not running QtQuick so I want to give the material look to my app even though it's not on QtQuick. Am I able to do that ?

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    Hi! No, there is no easy way to do that. But you can experiment with widget styles and custom widgets to get something that looks more or less similar to Material design.

  • Hi @Wieland thanks for answering me. i don't know how to do that is it documented ? I haven't found that, also do you know if anyone has done something similar ? (Maybe I can find something on github).

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    Yes, using style sheets for widgets is a very old feature and well documented. See Qt Style Sheets and Qt Style Sheets Examples. If someone else already did this for Material design, I don't know.

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