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How does Qt Creator link different object files/libs in default?

  • I am wondering if making a project, how does qt creator link these files? Or will qt creator create any static/dynamic libs?
    what is the default setting? simply create relocatable object file for every cpp file and then link them together?

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    Qt Creator does no such things, it's "just" an IDE. The compiler/linker from your platform will do the work.

    What will be generated will depend on your project i.e. if it's an application, a lib etc. You can check the TEMPLATE variable in qmake's documentation.

  • Hi,

    Depending on the information in .pro file(project file). qmake creates the make file.

    If you want to create the library use

    TEMPLATE += lib

    want to create the app

    TEMPLATE += app

    in .pro file


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