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Qt Creator - Hiding included files from .pro files

  • Hi all,

    I am using Qt Creator for a rather large project. In the .pro files for each lib / app in this project there are several include statements, one is for a "" which contains general settings and extra compilers for bison/yacc/ and xdr files, and a few others for dependencies. Bascially when I edit a file in a library, the top level app will know about it and go in there, recompile the library, then relink the app with the library. That part all works just fine. The problem is, when using Qt Creator, there are a lot of lines, one of which is common, and the others are actually blank lines since the dependency information is in a file literally called .deps in the library directory. Is there a way to hide the included files from the list under each project, so I just see sources, headers, forms, etc.. and not all the internals?

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    You can enable "Simplify tree" filtering option (first button right of the dropdown):

    It will still show the included subproject files, but it won't (allow to) expand them.

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  • I tried that. I have about 600 projects total, and I get one long list. Its a lot nicer to go to GeneralApps -> UI. I think what I might do is put all the .deps under one include file in each directory so I only have two includes in each project. I could live with two. Its the ones with 15 or 20 that look really bad.

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