Confusion about QtMultimedia Backends on Windows

  • Which QtMultimedia Backend is included in the current 64 Bit Qt/Visual C++ binary download?

    I'm wondering because I cannot decode h264 Videos directly out of the box, although it works fine with my WPF test application (Windows 10/64Bit).

    WMF supports h264 just fine, so I'm assuming the download uses the older Direct Show backend. Is this correct?

  • Hi! On Windows, the multimedia module can either use a plugin for DirectShow or a plugin for Windows Media Foundation. The prebuilt module that comes with the Qt online installer uses the DS plugin. If you want to use the other plugin then you'll have to rebuild the multimedia module yourself. But keep in mind that the two plugins have different capabilities (see Qt 5.7 Multimedia Backends) and that rebuilding the module with one plugin will override the existing other one.

  • Ok, thanks, that explains it.
    Is there an officially recommended codecpack for h264 available?
    K-Lite seems to be working fine, but I'm wondering what other people use.

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