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Unknown widget blocking events to quick access bar in top left corner of window

  • I can't find where a widget in a very large project is being created that blocks mouse events to the quick access bar. Since I'm developing in windows, I've tried to use Spy++ to see the name of the window and to verify that a widget is indeed there by highlighting it. All it shows is:
    Window 00480C2E "QWidgetClassWindow" Qt5QWindowIcon.
    Any ideas on how to find it?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Thats a nasty task :)
    You do not have any clues in what window or near what feature or function it might happen ?

    Can you tell a bit more about the issue?
    Also "quick access bar." , this one ? or ?

  • @mrjj Yes, that's the toolbar that I'm speaking of. I don't know more about the feature or function.
    Some additional observations:
    Moving the quick access toolbar below the ribbon in my application allows access to the toolbar. The invisible widget is always the same size and blocks the first three icons on the toolbar.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    In that window that has the bar and being covered by invisible widget.
    Can you add a button ?
    If yes, you could use
    to see if u can find it this way.
    There you can use objectName to see if it gives any hints.

    QWidget *QApplication::widgetAt(const QPoint &point)
    Could also be used.

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