QMediaPlayer setmedia with https using QUrl

  • Hi,

    I am working on qmediaplayer using Qt.5.6. I am setting setmedia(QUrl(https://username:password@host/file)).

    In this case it is prompting for security Alert (The identity of this website or integrity of this website can not be verified). Asking for Yes, No, View certificate. If click on Yes -> player is playing song.

    I am not sure on how to suppress this Security Alert?

    Rthanking you.

  • Hi! Is the server's certificate OK? When you open said URL with your Chrome browser, do get a similar warning?

  • @Wieland
    when working with chrome browser it is working fine and playing file. I am putting encoded password in URL.

  • I am not able to play file using Qt. While playing file it give Security Alert prompt and If click Yes then it show username and ask to fill password.If password not placed and cancel. then afterwards whenever I go and play file it plays. But if recompile project and then again go to play it wont and again show Security Alert message.

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