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  • Hi,
    I use TEMPLATE = subdirs base project that has INSTALLS section. Subprojects of base project also have INSTALLS section and I noticed that INSTALLS from base project are invoked before INSTALLS from subprojects. I don't know if it is rule or coincidence.

    Is it possible to always execute INSTALLS of base project after all INSTALLS of all subprojects have been executed? I need it this way because INSTALLS of base depends on files installed via INSTALLS of subprojects.

    I use jom.exe for build.

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    Have you tried setting a dependency? Something along the lines of:

    SUBDIRS = project1 project2
    # ...
    TARGET.depends = prohject1 project2

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    alternatively move the installs on another file and make add it to the current subdir project setting the depends

  • @kshegunov Unfortunately, this doesn't have any effect. I still see installs of subdir projects to come later than install of my base project if TARGET.depends of my base project contains all my subdir projects.

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    Then follow @VRonin's suggestion and add it as a subtarget, I have nothing better.

  • @VRonin This works! Thanks.

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