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QTJambi: QAbstractItemModel.SetData is not called

  • Hi,

    I'm developing a very simple table view on QtJambi using a model/view implementation. My QTableView is configured as follows:

        partTabView = new QTableView(gridLayoutWidget);
        partdata = new ParticipantModel(gd);
        partTabView.itemDelegate().commitData.connect(this, "on_action_Edit_Part(QWidget)");
        partdata.dataChanged.connect(this, "on_data_changed(QModelIndex, QModelIndex)");

    And on the model size I have the following flags and setData definitions in my model:

    public final Qt.ItemFlags flags(QModelIndex index)
    	Qt.ItemFlags flags = new Qt.ItemFlags(Qt.ItemFlag.ItemIsEnabled);
        if (!isIndexValid(index)) {
        	return flags;
        flags = super.flags(index);
        return flags;
    public final boolean setData(QModelIndex index, QObject value, int role)
    	if (!isIndexValid(index))
    		return false;
        // Check Role
    	if (role == Qt.ItemDataRole.EditRole)
        	List<String> l = m_gridData.get(index.row());
        	l.set(index.column(), value.toString());
        	m_gridData.set(index.row(), l);
        	dataChanged.emit(index, index);
    	return true;

    I have neither any custom delegate nor editor, I'm using the default ones from QTableView. I manage to insert/remove and edit the cells but I cannot update their contents. The initial set values are always replacing the ones I type. Actually, the setData function is never called. As far as I understand, the default itemdelegate implements a "setModelData" function which automatically calls the setData function on the model so I don't need to call it myself. Am I missing something?

    Finally, upon edition of the cells (Return key pressed) my slot "on_action_Edit_Part(QWidget)" is properly called. I could call partdata.setData from there but I don't know how to retrieve the index and the typed data from the Editor.

  • Dummy me...the setData signature was has to be:

    public final boolean setData(QModelIndex index, Object value, int role)

  • Dummy me...the setData signature was has to be:

    public final boolean setData(QModelIndex index, Object value, int role)

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