Unable to play a wav file with Audio component

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    That's that yes and the result also looks good.

    Did you check whether the element raises an error ?

  • No error raised.

    However, in the onClick() handler where idPlay->play() is launched (see code snippet above..),
    I traced the values of some properties of tha Audio component.

    qml: status =  2
    qml: playvolume =  1
    qml: muted =  false
    qml: error code =  0 , string=
    qml: src =  file:///opt/pga/track00.wav
    qml: availability =  0
    qml: duration =  -1
    qml: hasAudio =  false

    Weird. duration = -1, hasAudio = false and however, no error code / string...

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    The path to the file looks different from your QML sample code.

  • Yes, because I changed the path between my tests, but the paths are valids.

    I really don't understand why Qt does not raise any error.
    Everything looks correct.
    status = 2, that is: "the Media has been loaded".

    So it looks like a final phase is not complete. Isn't it ?

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    Can you test the functionality with C++ ?

  • I've put this sample code in the C++ side:

     connect(&m_player, SIGNAL(error(QMediaPlayer::Error)), this, SLOT(on_mediaPlayer_error(QMediaPlayer::Error)));^
     connect(&m_player, SIGNAL(stateChanged(QMediaPlayer::State)), this, SLOT(on_mediaPlayer_stateChanged(QMediaPlayer::State)));^
     connect(&m_player, SIGNAL(mediaStatusChanged(QMediaPlayer::MediaStatus)), this, 
    qDebug() << "Attempt to read mediacontent";
    QMediaContent content(QUrl::fromLocalFile("/opt/pga/track00.wav"));
    qDebug() << "MediaContent: isNull = " << content.isNull();

    Each of the slots above print the value of their respective parameter in stdout.

    Output from my host linux:

    Attempt to read mediacontent
    MediaContent: isNull =  false
    <MainWindow::on_mediaPlayer_mediaStatusChanged> status =  QMediaPlayer::LoadingMedia
    <MainWindow::on_mediaPlayer_stateChanged> state =  QMediaPlayer::PlayingState
    <MainWindow::on_mediaPlayer_mediaStatusChanged> status =  QMediaPlayer::BufferedMedia

    Output from my colibri-t20:

    Attempt to read mediacontent
    MediaContent: isNull =  false
    <MainWindow::on_mediaPlayer_mediaStatusChanged> status =  QMediaPlayer::LoadingMedia

    It's stuck on LoadingMedia.
    No more.


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    You should rebuilt the plugin uncommenting the DEBUG_AUDIO define to see if it gives you more information about what is happening.

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately it doesn't trace more information at all...

    Found metadata in lib /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/audio/libqtaudio_alsa.so, metadata=
        "IID": "org.qt-project.qt.audiosystemfactory/5.0",
        "MetaData": {
            "Keys": [
        "className": "QAlsaPlugin",
        "debug": false,
        "version": 328961
    Got keys from plugin meta data ("alsa")
    QFactoryLoader::QFactoryLoader() checking directory path "/opt/pga/audio" ...
    loaded library "/usr/lib/qt5/plugins/audio/libqtaudio_alsa.so"
    DeviceInfo name =  "sysdefault:CARD=colibrit20wm971" , codecs =  "audio/pcm"
    DeviceInfo name =  "default:CARD=colibrit20wm971" , codecs =  "audio/pcm"
    DeviceInfo name =  "default" , codecs =  "audio/pcm"
    Default OutputDevice:  "sysdefault:CARD=colibrit20wm971"
    Attempt to read mediacontent
    MediaContent: isNull =  false
    <MainWindow::on_mediaPlayer_mediaStatusChanged> status =  QMediaPlayer::LoadingMedia , bufferStatus =  0
    <MainWindow::initialize()> : bufferStatus =  0
    screen dpi =  96.1517
    screen geo =  QRect(0,0 480x800)
    QFactoryLoader::QFactoryLoader() checking directory path "/usr/lib/qt5/plugins/accessiblebridge" ...
    QFactoryLoader::QFactoryLoader() checking directory path "/opt/pga/accessiblebridge" ...
    QSGContext::initialize: stencil buffer support missing, expect rendering errors
    Updating catalog.
    <MediaCatalog::roleNames() > called.
    qml: size of catalog:  3
    qml: playlaunched...status =  1
    qml: playvolume =  1
    qml: muted =  false
    qml: error code =  0 , string=
    qml: src =
    qml: availability =  0
    qml: duration =  -1
    qml: hasAudio =  false

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    Does the device info look correct for your system ?
    Can you compare with that aplay uses ?

  • Yes, it is always the same.

    I have also edited the qalsaaudiooutput.cpp and added some fprintf() statements and nothing is displayed in the console.
    I put a message in open() and in the constructor

    However, it prints loaded library "/usr/lib/qt5/plugins/audio/libqtaudio_alsa.so"

    I don't know what I can do to figure out what's happening.

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    Did you install the plugin properly after having built it ?

  • What do you mean "install properly" ?

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    Are you sure that the plugin you modified was installed at the right location ?

  • Yes.

    It was installed under /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/audio

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    On your target ?

  • Yes, of course.

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    How big is your audio file ?

  • ~11 MB.

    Would you test it ?

    I have recompiled QtMultimedia without ALSA support and with PULSEAUDIO only.

    In /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/audio I have only libqtmedia_pulse.so

    Same thing when I launch my app again. libqtmedia_pulse.so plugin is loaded , and I have the same output as the one above...

    It really seems that something is wrecked under...

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    I likely would (and already would have done it) but I don't have such a board at hand.

    And Rulseaudio is also working correctly ? (Without using Qt)

  • How can I test if pulseaudio is working fine ?

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    I'd take a look at thist to check the setup.

  • @zyend - I know the topic is quite old, but could it be a simple explanation of a typo ?
    You have called the Audio component:
    id: audioPlayer
    and then try to play with:
    I think it should be:

    Maybe I am reading the post wrong.

  • @zyend
    Although this is an old post, I ended up here Googling for the pulse audio initialization and someone else might do so too so here's important info for the solution of the problem.
    I too ran into issue that pulseaudio was no longer running since the


    had been dropped from the code. This call apparently starts pulseaudio daemon (among other things).
    Returning it back fixed the issue.

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    @OttoRyynanen Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Thanks for sharing your findings !

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