• I call her with just :


  • @Payx Bingo!

  • I try to change the rectSize with 100 x 100.

    my first function is :

    void MainWindow::on_push_clicked()
    	QString fileName = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(this,
    	tr("Open Image"), "/", tr("Image Files (*.png *.jpg *.bmp)"));
    	QPixmap pix(fileName);
    	const QSize s = pix.size();
    	QImage pixi = QImage(pix.toImage());
    	ui->label_2->setText( "Size: " + QString::number(s.width()) +" "+ QString::number(s.height()) );

    It load an image with an explorer file.

    But the picture dont change at all when i click on the push2

  • I did not say you were done, just that you were on the right path.

    from the code you posted it's clear you did not grasp scoping 100% so i'll repost the link: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/namespaces/#scopes

    pix and pixi die as soon as MainWindow::on_push_clicked() terminates

  • @VRonin Yes but in my .h i add QImage pixi thats not correct?

  • I'm surprised your compiler doesn't yell about redefinition (I probably know why but that's not the point here). I'send you to http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/namespaces/#scopes once again

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    @VRonin said in Picture:

    I'm surprised your compiler doesn't yell about redefinition

    Not redefinition, shadowing, hence no yelling. :)

  • @kshegunov said in Picture:


    The case @kshegunov is explaining is in the 3rd code block of the link above:

    // inner block scopes
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main () {
      int x = 10;
      int y = 20;
        int x;   // ok, inner scope.
        x = 50;  // sets value to inner x
        y = 50;  // sets value to (outer) y
        cout << "inner block:\n";
        cout << "x: " << x << '\n';
        cout << "y: " << y << '\n';
      cout << "outer block:\n";
      cout << "x: " << x << '\n';
      cout << "y: " << y << '\n';
      return 0;

    This means I should go back to that tutorial myself

  • @VRonin so if i want use my picture in an other function i have to declare it before my function as i did for

    QColor dominantColor(const QImage& image, const QPoint& topLeft, const QSize& rectSize);

    so i have to add a line code QImage pixi in my .cpp ?

    why not in my .h, and why

    QColor dominantColor

    dont work in my .h too ?

  • Ok, this has become too chatty, let's make it more structured before we both get banned.

    • Put dominantColor and fillSection code from either me or @mrjj at the top of your .cpp file, just below the #includes no need to declare them in advance in this case
    • in the private: section of your .h file add QImage m_baseImag;
    • in on_push_clicked load the image from file and store it in m_baseImag then use QPixmap::fromImage(m_baseImag) to display the image in the QLabel
    • in on_push2_clicked iterate over every 4x4 square of your picture calling the two functions:
    for (int i=0;i<m_baseImag.width();i+=4){
               for (int j=0;j<m_baseImag.height();j+=4){
    • use QPixmap::fromImage(m_baseImag) to display the new image in another QLabel

  • Hello,

    I have 0 error but it didn't work.

    here my code

    void MainWindow::on_push_clicked()
    	QString fileName = QFileDialog::getOpenFileName(this,
    	tr("Open Image"), "/", tr("Image Files (*.png *.jpg *.bmp)"));
    	QPixmap pix(fileName);
    	const QSize s = pix.size();
    	QImage pixi = QImage(pix.toImage());
    void MainWindow::on_push2_clicked()
    	QPoint point(0,0);
    	QSize size(4,4);
    	for(int i=0;i<pixi.width();i+=4){
    		for(int j=0;j<pixi.height();j+=4){
    	QPixmap pixa=QPixmap::fromImage(pixi);

    In my .h i declared

    Ui::MainWindow *ui;
    QImage pixi;

    pixi is the name of my picture (= m_baseImag)

    i display pixa (Qpix from pixi) in the same label as pixi (dont know if i can do that)

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    Good work.
    in here
    void MainWindow::on_push_clicked()
    QImage pixi = QImage(pix.toImage()); // This looks like a local variable? ( die by scope)

    Did you mean to use the one from .H ?

    pixi = QImage(pix.toImage());

  • i changed my code by using pixi = QImage(pix.toImage());

    and in my .h i got QImage pixi.

    I try to fix my rectSize to 15x15

    And my picture at the end is the same, she changed a little (she got a blue pixel in the top left

  • you never update point in your loop. it's always 0,0 it should be i,j

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ok after long hours, i fixed it.

    Thank you very much for your time in my project.

    But i have a little question :

    In the code it only returns Red, Blue or Green.

    Do you have a function who return a lot of color, like if in my rect the most principal color is grey (for example) what could i do to add a lot of color ?

    At the end i will have a picture more pixelated but that i can recognize

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    • if in my rect the most principal color is grey

    That is just values for R,G,B. still.

  • Modify dominantColour with this one. It takes the most frequent colour that appears in the square and fills it with it

    QColor dominantColour(const QImage& image,const QPoint& topLeft, const QSize& rectSize){
    	const int maxRight = qMin(image.width(),topLeft.x() + rectSize.width());
    	const int maxBottom = qMin(image.height(),topLeft.y() + rectSize.height());
    	QHash<QColor,int> colourMap;
    	for(int x=topLeft.x();x<maxRight;++x){
    		for(int y=topLeft.y();y<maxBottom;++y){
    			const QColor tempColor=image.pixelColor(x,y);
    			auto colourIter=colourMap.find(tempColor);
    		return Qt::black;
    	return std::max_element(colourMap.constBegin(),colourMap.constEnd()).key();

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    I suggest you average the color in the rectangle, e.g. (thanks to @VRonin for the scaffolding):

    QColor dominantColour(const QImage & image,const QPoint & topLeft, const QSize & rectSize)
        qint32 averageRed = 0, averageGreen = 0, averageBlue = 0;
        const qint32 maxX = qMin<qint32>(image.width(), topLeft.x() + rectSize.width());
        const qint32 maxY = qMin<qint32>(image.height(), topLeft.y() + rectSize.height());
        for (qint32 y = topLeft.y(); y < maxY; y++)  {
            for (qint32 x = topLeft.x(); x < maxX; x++)   {
                QRgb pixel = image.pixel(x, y);
                averageRed += qRed(pixel);
                averageGreen += qGreen(pixel);
                averageBlue += qBlue(pixel);
        qint32 n = rectSize.width() * rectSize.height();
        if (n <= 0)
            return Qt::black;
        return QColor(averageRed / n, averageGreen / n, averageBlue / n);

  • Thank you very much !

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