Xcode 8.0 and Qt 5.7 ios not working

  • Hi,

    i have this error message from XCODE:
    JIT is disabled for QML. Property bindings and animations will be very slow. Visit https://wiki.qt.io/V4 to learn about possible solutions for your platform.
    WARNING: Cannot find style "iOS" - fallback: ""
    WARNING: Cannot find style "iOS"
    Failed to create EGL context for format QSurfaceFormat(version 2.0, options QFlags(), depthBufferSize 24, redBufferSize -1, greenBufferSize -1, blueBufferSize -1, alphaBufferSize -1, stencilBufferSize 8, samples -1, swapBehavior 2, swapInterval 1, profile 0)

    Any idea? This is happening with all qt examples too.

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