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Vertical size policy to frame

  • Suppose I am creating an application which contains frame. I am giving vertical size policy to fixed.
    Now If I run my application on Large screen does the size of frame grows according to my screen aspect ratio?
    Will vertical size will be same( as for example vertical height of frame in small screen is 5cm) in Large screen?

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    @mit_cruze I would say it will keep its size since it is set to fixed. So, if you set the size to 100 it will be 100.
    But why not just test?

  • Hi,
    I would think it depends on the type of dpi-awareness of the program. When you set it to 100, its 100 pixels. And 100 pixels are not 5 cm on every screen nor on each OS while keeping the screen.

    I think: The only thing garantueed is that if you set the layout (or size policy) to fixed the user cannot resize the widgets.

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