QtCreator not able to launch ios app with Xcode 7.3.1

  • I am using Qt 5.6.2 with Xcode 7.3.1
    Building MyQtApp for iOS compiles but finally gives the following error related xcode deployment as it looks:

    Automatic provisioning profile selection unavailable: A bundle identifier is required for automatic provisioning profile selection. Either enter a bundle identifier in the Info.plist, or select a provisioning profile to use in the build settings.

    But ----> If I go to the build directory where Qt has generated MyQtApp.xcodeproj & double click it to open in Xcode, it shows the Bundle identifier field empty. Now if I put the correct bundle identifier & run from Xcode, all runs fine on my ios device.

    So running from Xcode is all fine here. What should I do to enable to launch my app on my ios device ?

  • Okay. I did some head-banging with this problem.
    In my MyQtApp/ios/info.plist, I hard the required bundle identifier that is com.mycompany.myappid in place of PRODUCT_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER. This fixed the problem. Is this a correct thing to do ? Do all Qt apps on ios have the correct identifier hardcoded in info.plist. I am new to ios.

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    IIRC, it should be done automatically for you so there might something strange going on.

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