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Widget table bugs

  • Hello All
    I've 2 bugs with widget table , the first is after few compiles the header item of the table goes invisble , but if i just move the widget table litile bit and compile it will show again , and the same after few compiles it gose invisble again ...
    and the 2nd bug is the vertical lines not in the same level ( only in RTL mode ), see this gif:
    alt text

    i've push this in bug report but i don't have any answers :
    and i've include the hear items by this :

    alt text

  • @MrLibya

    I had a short look to your filed bug report. I wonder if you will get further responses as fast. You have filed the bug report and you have gotten responses on the same day. That is impressive fast, but not usual to my experience.

    One note to your code example. Probably it would be good for the developers to get a small self-contained example showing your problem. When the developers have such an example they download and compile and start immediately with debugger when they can confirm a bug.
    As it looks at the moment they might have already problems to understand your issue properly. So it is very hard for anybody to make a small test example showing it.

    A small self-contained example showing will help, but you might need more patience until someone will respond there. Also it might be helpful to post a link to the thread here also in the bugreport.

  • could you add your widgets to a layout instead of letting them float around and see if that fixes it?

  • @koahnig for the example i think they can hadle it by them self . nothing hard in makeing a table widget and just change layoutdirction field from LTR to RTL

  • @VRonin same thing

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    @MrLibya providing a simple compilable example is not about the devs being able to show a QTableWidget in RTL mode, it's about providing them with something that is known to trigger the behavior you have. For example setting up a widget in designer adds a level of indirection that should be taken into account because it's not exactly the same as just instantiating a widget and setting it up by hand.

  • OK I've push litile example :
    #also added in the Qt report.

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    Now its easy to reproduce

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