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Passing extra command line option -buildfile into androiddeploqt

  • I have a QtApp for android which I build command line using the following command. It builds using ant. All great. Builds fine. Runs fine. Following the core command which creates & signs the apk for me.

    ANT_OPTIONS=" -ant"
    Path/To/androiddeployqt --sign /Path/to/MyKey.keystore MyAlias --storepass MyPassword --output android --verbose --input /path/to/ $ANT_OPTIONS

    Next, I need to increment the versionCode of my app, for which I need to create my own build.xml & make ant pick my custom build.xml. I read through the following ant official page which describes usage of -buildfile & states that you can mention the directory containing your custom build.xml.

    As I want to use my custom build.xml which I created in my project directory, I made the following change in the command.

    ANT_OPTIONS=" -ant -buildfile '/Directory/containing/my/build.xml'"
    Path/To/androiddeployqt --sign /Pathto/MyKey.keystore MyAlias --storepass MyPassword --output android --verbose --input /path/to/ $ANT_OPTIONS

    But ant still picks up the default generated build.xml. What is wrong in my ANT_OPTIONS ? Does androiddeployqt dis-allow me from passing extra ant command line options ? I think this is not the case. I might be just missing the correct syntax here. Please suggest.

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