Unable to install Qt Designer on Windows 7

  • I had installed Qt Designer on my laptop on disk D: it works fine. But yesterday I lost that disk, so now I have only disk C: with Windows. All data from D: are gone. Also Qt Designer program.
    So I uninstalled the trashes stayed from Qt, restart the computer, run CCleaner and downloaded new Qt Designer (Open Source) file. But when I am on the and of instalating process and hit Install, the error appears

    "qt-unified-windows-x86- stop working" !
    alt text

    and program is stop. I tried different versions of install package, but nothing works. I think this is problem with my computer, maybe drivers or something like that.
    Somebody have had the same problem?

  • Hi when it's crashed this way, you can try creating a new User in Control Panel, switch to that user and then try downloading/installing Qt.

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