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with qvideowidget, single touch not working.Double touch works perfectly.

  • Hello all,

    We are using xorg with qt for embedded application,

    In that With normal GUI window if we press button with single touch then it is working fine, but when we play video on screen using qvideowidget ,and if we single touch in area where video play then it is not working, but if we double touch in area where video play then it is working.

    Problems lies with only qvideowidget only. With any other window single touch works perfect.

    So where is the problem?
    Is xorg not pass touch event to qt in case of qvideowidget? or
    is x11 passes touch data to any other window rather then active window?

    is xorg knows, how many windows open ?
    is xorg knows to which window this touch have to apply or xorg only knows x,y touch points.?

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