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We are error messages for custom build targets?

  • I try to add a custom build target like this:

    QMAKE_EXTRA_TARGETS = mapboxgl = foo.obj
    mapboxgl.path = src/mapboxgl
    mapboxgl.commands = cmake qt-lib

    This does not build anything.

    I will need to modify it, for instance, I know that foo.obj will not be produced, that object file is probably called something else and most probaby, the path to cmake needs to be corrected.

    But where are the error messages that I can use to correct my build target?

    Did Qt creator even try to run it?

  • @AndersLinden

    Did you rerun qmake after some modifications?
    An output should be shown in the output panes "General Messages" and possibly "Compile Output". The latter gets filled when you run qmake from creator.

  • Hi Koahnig! Thanks for the answer! What sort of modifications should I do? I modified the pro file by adding those lines. Should they not be operative then?

  • @AndersLinden
    Did you see some error messages in either output pane?

    BTW the example shows += for assignment

    Also the QMAKE_EXTRA_TARGETS should be after the target definitions accoridng the shown example. Not sure if this has an influence. I believe to have seen the sequence as you are using.

    You may also print the content of QMAKE_EXTRA_TARGETS with


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