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C++ with Qt Quick segfault

  • Hello all,

    I am facing a strange situation.

    I get an error "opengl32_glGetColorTableParameter segfault" at the close of the application.

    Does anyone have an idea about this strange segfault ?

    I pay attention to delete my QML widgets before deleting the models used in these widgets, and I still have the same segfault.

    Thank you in advance,

  • Is it ran on multi thread?
    May be some pointer/adress get corrupted on exiting and some part of app still acessing it.

  • In fact, we identified we used this :

    qputenv("QT_OPENGL", "software");

    Without the use of this variable with this value, some of our end users are experiencing black windows.
    With the use of this environment variable set to "software", our applications crashes when the last widget is closed.

    I do not understand how to solve this problem...

    Perhaps you have any solution ?

    Thank you in advance !

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