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Fonts do not match on app when running as root

  • Hello,

    I have noticed an unusual issue with my app (Qt 4.8) running on Fedora 20. Everything works as intended when running my app as a normal user, but the font on my application changes when running the application as root.

    The GUI didn't match as well, but I was able to correct that issue after making appropriate changes using "sudo qtconfig". However, the font still didn't match after making changes on the "Fonts" tab.

    The closest thing I found online was on stackoverflow, but the guy asking the question only wanted the GUI to match :

    I have tried using QFontInfo to see if the information did not match, but unfortunately, everything matched 100%.

    Can someone give me a few pointers on how this issue can be fixed?

    Thank you.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    That's a question I'd recommend bringing to the Fedora folks. It's likely a setting from the root account. While it might not be pretty, at least it gives you a hint that you are not running your application with your user rights which IMHO is not something bad. Take for example the difference between Konsole and Konsole in root mode, it clearly make a distinction to help you avoid doing something like rm -rf /*.

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