Qt 4.8 QTcpServer strange behaviour.

  • Hi,
    I have a following code:

    QTcpSocket client;
    QTcpServer server;
    qDebug() << server.listen( QHostAddress::Any  //true
                             , 36235);
    usleep( 1000000);
    client.connectToHost( QHostAddress::LocalHost
                                           , 36235);
    qDebug() << client.error(); //QAbstractSocket::UnknownSocketError
    usleep( 1000000);
    QTcpSocket *t = server.nextPendingConnection();
    client.waitForConnected(-1); //wait forever!
    qDebug() << "client.state()" << client.state();
    qDebug() << client.write( QByteArray( "12345"));
    qDebug() << "t.state(): " << t->state();
    qDebug() << t->bytesAvailable();
    qDebug() << t->read( 5);

    So, it gives me:

    client.state() QAbstractSocket::ConnectedState

    And after that I got segfault because t is 0x00.

    I don't want to use Qt Signals/Slots system, so all the connect magic is not for me.

    āžœ ss -at
    State       Recv-Q Send-Q          Local Address:Port                           Peer Address:Port                
    LISTEN      0      0                           *:36235                                     *:*                    
    LISTEN      0      0                           *:ssh                                       *:*                    
    ESTAB       0      0                                    
    ESTAB       0      0                                   
    CLOSE-WAIT  38     0                                   
    CLOSE-WAIT  147    0                                       
    telnet gave me:
    āžœ  telnet localhost 36235
    Trying ::1...
    Connection failed: Connection refused
    Connected to localhost.
    Escape character is '^]'.

    What i'm doing wrong?
    What this UnknownSocketError means?
    What should I do?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Then you should use waitForConnected to ensure the connection was established.

    Out of curiosity, why not use Qt's signals and slots mechanism ?

  • @SGaist Hi. Thanks for answer!

    Using of waitForNewConnection makes no difference.

    I have quite a complicated code which I don't want to complicate more with async logic.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Can you explain what you are trying to achieve ? Currently it looks like you are trying to setup a server in your application and connect to the said server from the same application.

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