Free protocol Net485 for network RS485.

  • For those who want to communicate with RS232 or RS485 follows design of this backpack, open-source, a communication protocol for serial networks. The protocol is done in Qt, Arduino and PIC, any of these devices can assume the role of Master or Slave.

    Remembering only:

    • Network 485 only 1 master.
    • Only the master has the power to initiate communication with the slave.
    • The master has the power to send a packet to all (broadcast).


    • Qt is in Master mode
    • Arduino in slave mode
    • PIC in slave mode

    Licensing: LGPLv3


    • Works in Half / Full Duplex mode.
    • Sending and receiving messages with confirmation.
    • Send and receive messages without confirmation.
    • Data reception via callback.
    • Sending messages to the broadcast.
    • Error handling and broken packages.
    • CRC16 check Algorithm.

    Moved from General and Desktop - p3c0

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    Thank you for sharing your work.

  • HI,
    I am starting with CHIP FTDI FT232R, which allows the electrical conversion between RS485 and RS232, (+ A, -B, GND) <-> USB-COM, in principle it reads 8 bit, without problems, since the converter, set autobound, parity, stop bit, etc. Then I will comment if I can in Master mode, read and write RS485 datagrams through the RS232 endpoint.

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