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How do I get a real file name off (QtQuick) FileDialog.fileUrl()?

  • I have an app that asks the user to pick an image from the Pictures folder. It returns an URL which the c++ portion of the code is to use. On the c++ side, I have this (the image picked is named "asset.png"):

    QUrl url(image_returned_from_fileURL);
    QString imageName = url.toLocalFile();
    qDebug() << imageName;

    This gets converted to:


    How do I get "asset.png" from this?

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    Something like:

    QString localFile = url.toLocalFile();
    int start = localFile.lastIndexOf("/") + 1;
    int length = localFile.indexOf("?id=") - start;
    QString imageName = localFile.mid(start, length);


  • @SGaist I didn't try it (I'll take a look tomorrow) but this would seem to return just the file name, which I agree is what my question technically asked. What I want to have is a usable path to the file that can be used by standard functions like fopen(). The path /asset/asset.png doesn't work. I don't even know where it gets that name from. If I "mail" the image to myself, I get something named IMG_0133.PNG.


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    Ok, what do you need to do with that file ?

  • @SGaist I need to give the file name to a third party library that expects a standard const char* file name.

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