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QWebView, DelegateExternalLinks and anchors

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to use QWebView to display on-the-fly generated html reports. Their source is generated as valid html/css and the passed to the qwebview by setHtml( content )

    The generated code contains three types of links:

    1. links to anchors within the generated code
    2. external links, that should be opened in a external browser
    3. links with a special scheme to be handled within the application

    Out-of-the-box, type 1 works perfectly, 2 are opened inside the webview and 3 are ignored.

    To handle 2 and 3 I set


    and connect the linkClicked() signal to aprocessing slot.
    This resolves type 2, but anchors result now in an error about:blank#<anchorID> Error while opening the location, the location is not supported (wording may actually be slightly different). Any idea, how I can keep working anchors while handling the other types by myself?

    QT version: 4.8.6

    //edit: typo

  • You should override QWebPage::acceptNavigationRequest and implement your own navigation policy.

  • So if I inherit from QWebPage and override acceptNavigationRequest, it should simply work like

    qwebview->setPage( myNewWebPage );
    qwebview->setHtml( myContent );

    shouldn't it?

    //edit: yes it does. Thank you, it worked perfectly fine.

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