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Streaming the Dynamic Flash content with Qt

  • Hi,

    I want streaming the data using just a url.
    How is it possible in qt?

    I have done a enough research work on QWebview which uses QWebkit.
    but i am not able to stream flash content form url.
    I am able to conclude till now that it just capture the webView and there are no APIs for streaming the video and because of capturing it always give opaque alpha value. this is the concern.

    After doing some googling I found that QWebengineview is much faster and robust than qwebview.

    Can somebody guide me about regarding this.
    My motive is to to stream the flash content from a url and save that content. and by using some other software called NDI SDK , I have to
    do something like cropping the content with help of NDI SDK.

    that is all what I have to say.

    So please guide me Is it possible with the QWebengineView or some other APIs.

    I am in critical stage of the project. please please help me out of this.

    If you want some clarification if I am not able to explain the issues. please let me now about this.

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