N9 wont be available in many countries!

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  • Hmm, that would be a sad thing. I think I would find it too expensive anyway, but still. Not deploying such a device in a lot of countries is simply not giving it a shot of becoming popular. You could probably order it via other countries though.

  • That's just an idiotic rumor based on this list http://europe.nokia.com/find-products/devices/nokia-n9/check-availability . Ignore rumors.

  • I don't think its a rumor. It is based on the list of countries that Nokia says N9 would be available. Sadly its not coming India where I live. N900 came to India after a year of its availability in other countries.

  • Well , it is not coming to India due to windows strategy of NOKIA.

  • http://www.fonearena.com/blog/39664/nokia-n9-launch-countries-india-usa-missing.html

    same thread here, its also not launching in USA

    i guess its just rumor

  • Hi,

    I have read also some news of this kind. It maybe a rumonr and a good marketing strategy ;) As - if it will be - available in the countries where it should not ... People rush to buy it ! Obviously it is only my impression.

    The "official" news on the magazines I have read is that this in effect depends by the Microsoft strategy with Nokia, but it seems me very very strange. I checked some informations on the Nokia sites but it is not mentioned. The only strange thing is that in Italy there was the official presentation and in the nokia italy site there is also the press folder for N9. Really it is possible that - as it happens frequently - not in all countries the product is ready at the same moment. but i think that it is possible to buy it online from everywhere. Or not ?

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    I don't know if it's a good strategy. In my case i'm really wondering if i go trough with this n9 interest.

    I just want a smartphone which is open so i can make my own programs on it and eventually publish it to the world.

    Meego had my interest. But i'll give android with necessitas a good look first.

  • [quote author="Eddy" date="1309636465"]I just want a smartphone which is open so i can make my own programs on it and eventually publish it to the world.

    Meego had my interest. But i'll give android with necessitas a good look first. [/quote]

    You can do publish Qt apps for Nokia devices with Symbian right now.

    And after all even though that WP7 is not an open OS you still can publish apps to "Microsoft App Hub":http://create.msdn.com/en-US/home/about/how_it_works But unfortunately Qt is not compatible with WP so far.

    Despite all positive reviews of N9 and the great expectation I believe that it will be just a community device just as N900 because of Nokia's change of priorities to Windows smartphones. So the shared rumors at the attached link seems quite likely. :(

  • Yup... In my opinion Qt on mobile platform driven by Nokia is not really going to happen. Reason for this is cutting off of Meego -> no full Qt platform. Future of Symbian is full of FUD for benefit of Windows phone, and no support from Nokia for Qt for Windows phone.

    So, what mobile devs should look for? Another company starting to release Meego phones. I don’t see that too unlikely, given Android is what it is, Meego makes better alternative for developers. For customers... That’s different story, but I doubt Nokia could do anything for it anyway, when looking decisions of it last year.

    Remember that this does not affect to Qt on desktop in any way; development focus in Qt development seems to have already happened. Only future will show what future brings to us, though. Let’s have our hope for even greater success of Qt, regardless of platform.

  • N9 was planned as a one-off experimental device and is just released as a proof of concept. The Windows Mobile Nokia phone will probably be based on this design. N9 showcases how Nokia can design wonderful phones.

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