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  • Hi,
    I have approximately 1 year of experience using Qt professionally. I have experience with QtGUI applications (Have near zero experience using QtQML), and would like to enhance myself further as I never find myself doing something new and/or learning something. I realize I could just start using QtQML on the side, but I don't like working without some goals.

    I would love to contribute to open-source projects and patch them up if possible (or at least try learning to). Hence I was hoping if some guidance in how I can join such communities and learn/contribute.
    Being completely honest, I also have the selfish reason of wishing to improve my CV; but I would give preference to an interesting project.


  • There are some "impressive achievements" out there that look trivial but aren't. for example KArchive is badly missing a way to remove a single file from an archive (the easier one to implement is LZMA compression, if you achieve it for .zip I'd be absolutely in awe) to participate in the KDE project look here: https://community.kde.org/Get_Involved/development

    Another thing that is BADLY missing is an open source library that handles the ISO 29500 standard (MS Office files) however this is a HUGE project, the standard definition alone is 6600 pages and on top of that there are the exceptions Microsoft decided to take off the standard.

    A project that is much easier to tackle is Cockatrice https://github.com/Cockatrice/Cockatrice which is a Game, it's easy to contribute to, there is plenty of open tickets and some tagged as Easy

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    To add to @VRonin, Qt itself can also use a helping hand for bugfixing ... it seems to be lagging behind lately ...

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