Is this the normal speed of QJSEngine?

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    I am tinkering with the QJSEngine. As far as I understand, a QJSEngine instance will evaluate a JavaScript code passed to it. However, I am concerned about the computation speed of QJSEngine, it seems very slow.

    My computer spends around 3-4 seconds computing this simple JavaScript code, is this normal?:

    var X = [];
    for (var i=0 ; i < 934600 ; ++i )
       X[i] = i;

    This is a simple code snippet of how I use QJSEngine.
    Let's suppose that we have a button in the GUI, and when the button is pressed the following code is executed (it needs 4 seconds before the result is printed in the debug console):

    void MainWindow::slot_ExecuteScript()
       QJSEngine myEngine;
       QString myScript = "var X = [];";
       myScript.append("for (var i=0 ; i < 934600 ; ++i ){X[i]=i;}");
       QJSValue myValue = myEngine.evaluate(myScript);
          qDebug() <<"message").toString();
          qDebug() << myValue.toString();

    Tested with Qt Creator 4.0.1. With Qt 5.7 MSVC2013 64 bits.

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    @pablo_worker On Ubuntu 14.04 with Qt 5.6 and Qt 5.7 64 bits it is between 400 to 500 ms.

  • Thank you!
    The problem was that I was trying that in debug mode.
    I have compiled again in Release mode and now its much faster!

    Times (measured with QElapsedTimer)
    In Debug mode: 3001 - 2999 ms.
    In Release mode: 256 - 296 ms

    10 times slower!

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