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QML + webcam (frame grabber)?

  • Hi!

    What is the best approach to show live video from a webcam or any other video source, e.g.: frame grabber?
    I’ve tried using Image + custom QDeclarativeImageProvider, but without success.
    Inherit form QDeclarativeItem and draw frames in a paint event? Update it on timer?
    Some better solutions?

    It is a desktop application.


  • How about QCamera from mobility and show it in QVideoWidget?

  • I have not messed with a webcam in ages so please excuse me if this sounds ridiculous. If the webcam puts stuff in a file you could always just use the the QML Video Element from Qt Mobility to display it. It would be great to link your webcam into it through
    source: "webcam feed.avi"
    Like I said though I don't know how/if this would work. Here is the documentation on the video portion of Qt Mobility. - "QML Video Element":

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