How to choose qrc in QtCreator form editor

  • Hi,

    Since last windows update QtDesigner dose not work.
    So I have to use the designer part of Qt creator.
    I make a project with multiple sub projects.
    I have create a form in my sub project but I can't use the qrc of my project, the editor use a different qrc.
    My pro file is correct and I have no problem when I used QtDesigner.
    I would like to know in designer of Qt Creator we choose the resource file or how to repair QtDesigner.
    I have the same problem in 2 win 10 pc.
    QtDesigner is running in task manager but no window displayed.

  • @Roy44

    Under "add new..."->"QT"->"Qt Resource File" should do the job.

  • The resource file already exists in my project.
    When I edit UI in same project I have no access to the project qrc.

  • I think how it works.
    It melts the resources from current project and these of projet it depends.
    This is very confusing lik my previous sentence :)

    Does anyone have a problem with Qtdesigner standalone ?

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