How to do live IP streaming from IP camera using Qt?

  • Hi fellow coders, i want to perform a live IP streaming from a IP camera to my embedded Linux device via Qt 4. I'm a little confused by the information available online; is there any good place to begin?

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    What exactly do you want to do ? Show the image on the device ? Record it ?

  • @SGaist hi! I need to show the live images from an IP camera via my internal network. recording it would be the next phase. My Qt 5 qmake is still not properly configured at the moment so i'm relying on Qt 4 qmake to do my development work for now.

    I think I need to install RTSP/RTP server and client for streaming but most of the online references are based on UI and software installation but I need to build from scratch for my embedded device.

  • @SGaist is it possible to use VLC to cross-compile and build up a client to receive H.264 video data from a remote IP camera?

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    AFAIK, yes it should be possible if you already have that working on a computer. You should check wether you already have libVLC available for your device.

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