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Human model animation

  • Hi, I need to animate a human model. I imported it via Qt3D but I'm bit confused whether I can animate it like in games. Just a single model for a motion detection software. Does anybody did anything like this? Need advice on this. Is that possible in Qt to animate the model like in games.

  • @aventa Hi! Yes it can be done with Qt3D but if you don't have any experience with Qt3D yet then it will be too hard. Better use something else then, like Autodesk Maya or Blender.

  • @Wieland thank you for the reply. We already using blender to visualize the gathered data, but we need to build a application with some other features like live monitoring and plot facilities. What I need is to render the data from the device like a human model. The whole product more like a motion capturing system. We succeeded in render some mechanical models like car, but when it comes to human we need to show the skin movement no need to that much accurate but little realistic like in games. Am I looking to find out this kind of animation is possible using Qt3D?

  • @aventa It is possible. But right now Qt3D isn't much more than a scene graph, so you would have to implement all the hard stuff yourself. And given the current state of the documentation (there is more or less no documentation yet) I wouldn't consider Qt3D to be ready for production at all; not even close. But yeah, with enough man-power and several thousand Euros for commercial support by KDAB you can do it.

  • @Wieland thank you for advice, you saved my day.

  • @Wieland yes we been there - we were quoted £10,000 for help with our jahshaka release.... thought they were open source ? guess not !!! we will be building out our own 3d engine on top of qopengl moving ahead so feel free to visit us on github at https://github.com/jahshaka/VR

  • @jahshaka KDAB is a company. Companies have to make money. That's the most normal thing in the world.

  • @Wieland yes but whats not normal is to take ownership of a open source component for a major open source project - and then refuse to support users at all and instead try to scrape them for insane amounts of money that only corporations can afford.

    Open source is all about the community - we are the ones who drive it ahead and its ridiculous that you allow them to function in this way and would even stand up for them.

    This is why LibreOffice forked off from OpenOffice at the end of the day. Its also why we are now going to develop our own alternative to Qt3d, using QOpenGl so it will work natively with Qt. I am sure even lousy support from us and the community will be better than no support at the end of the day.

  • @jahshaka
    Dude, KDAB didn't "take ownership" over Qt3D, they invented it from scratch, probably investing an insane amount of money, and now they're giving it away as free software and for free. How much more free beer do you expect? Not to mention that they are also among the top contributors to the rest of our cute little framework.

    Edit: BTW, I doubt you can come up with something similar for 10,000 pounds. So maybe building your own stuff was a bad decision. Anyways, I'm not here to argue. I'm sorry that Qt3D doesn't work for you as good as it should. Went through similar trouble myself.

  • @Wieland not that it doesnt work - there is no community support behind it, its going nowhere and they are killing it by not supporting guys like us who are OSS. How can you tell a small OSS project who is willing to put serious man hours into making it better that they have to pay £10,000 GBP for a feature thats alreaady needed ? And just to answer emails and provide ad-hoc support they charge £150 per hour. How exactly is that going to help move Qt3d along ?

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