armeabi-v7a not showing up in Qt creator 5.7 ?

  • I upgraded to ubuntu 16 and am having problems getting access to android files . I have the all the SDK files downloaded and installed correctly but can't find armeabi-v7a. ... I am using the android studio SDK, android-ndk-r12b ,and ant and they are all installed ok. Then I cannot find anything to Build and Run for my android devices. I have selected the correct level of API for my android device using the ./android shell command to get access to the andoid SDK manager. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (my system crashed after I selected Upgrade to new o/s button so I am getting the latest versions of everything ,heh )

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    @Lineaxe Did you install Qt for Android/ARM?

  • I used the auto install .run file . I didn't see the option for installing for Android. I finally uninstalled qtcreator to remove v-play and then did a reload of qtcreator using the auto run installer found at Qt website. It autodetected the arm7 components and now I have access to my Android device. I think that the reinstall added in something I could not do by just adding in components and what not. Anyhow ,I finally have the kit created and access to my Android device again. Thanks for your help. I would like to know where to install qt 5.7 for android just for future references , as I was instructed to do it by adding the ndk and sdk for andoid.

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