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Pictures drawn by QGLWidget are sometimes changed by themselves

  • I made some class inherited by QGLWidget and inserted them one Qdialog such that

    |   ------     -------  |
    |   | A  |     |  B  |  |
    |   ------     -------  |

    Here, A, B are two widgets drawing graph. There are also two buttons A', B' that start drawing in A and B.
    After I pushed A', then a graph was drawn in A, if I did some other actions, for examples, clicked other button, view explorer, or run other programs ... then sometimes the picture in A copy to B by itself.
    I couldn't understand this phenomena.

  • Hi, and welcome to the Qt forum!

    You need to provide more info. Make a minimal example to reproduce this behaviour and show us that code :-)

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