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Linking qsqlibase4.dll in Qt 4.8.4 (Win 10/VS2008)

  • I know this can be done because I did it 6 years ago, the only problem is that a lot has happened in 6 years, so I am hoping for some insight. I am on Window 10 using VS2008 and Qt 4.8.4. I have installed the 32-bit version of Firebird into C:/Apps/Firebird_2_5. Then I run the following script:

    set FIREBIRDqt=C:/Apps/Firebird_2_5
    qmake -o Makefile "INCLUDEPATH+=%FIREBIRDqt%/include" "LIBS+=-LD:%FIREBIRDqt%/lib" "LIBS+=-lfbclient_ms" ibase.pro

    And I get this error:

    link /LIBPATH:"c:\qt\4.8.4\lib" /LIBPATH:"c:\qt\4.8.4\lib" /NOLOGO /DYNAMICBASE /NXCOMPAT /DEBUG /DLL /MANIFEST /MANIFESTFILE:"tmp\obj\debug_shared\qsqlibased.intermediate.manifest" /VERSION:4.84 /OUT:..\..\..\..\plugins\sqldrivers\qsqlibased4.dll @C:\Users\SAM\AppData\Local\Temp\nmC169.tmp

    What I noticed is that C:\Apps\Firebird_2_5\lib is NOT in the library path. I went in and hacked the Makefile.Debug and Makefile.Release and added it, both compiled fine now. What is the correct way to add the library to the libpath?

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    @Surly said in Linking qsqlibase4.dll in Qt 4.8.4 (Win 10/VS2008):


    D:%FIREBIRDqt%/lib is not a valid path. In .pro files you can use / instead of \ even on Windows. So, check your .pro file.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Is FIREBIRDqt an environment variable ?

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