Help with this error?

  • I someone can explain me about these errors?
    msvcprtd.lib(MSVCP120D.dll):-1: error: LNK2005: ya se definió "char const * __cdecl std::_Winerror_map(int)" (?_Winerror_map@std@@YAPBDH@Z) en libcpmtd.lib(syserror.obj)
    In all messages show me this:
    File not found msvcprtd.lib

  • maybe i need to fix something ???

  • that library is part of MSVC compiler, it's strange that you get problems with it. can you show your .pro file (if you use one)

  • # -------------------------------------------------
    # Project created by QtCreator 2010-05-30T21:33:58
    # -------------------------------------------------
    CONFIG += static
    QT += network xml
    TARGET = cliente
    LIBS += -lqxmpp0 -LC:/Users/moh/Desktop/build-qxmpp-Desktop_Qt_5_7_0_MSVC2013_32bit-Release/src
    INCLUDEPATH += "C:\Users\moh\Desktop\qxmpp-master\src\base"
    INCLUDEPATH += "C:\Users\moh\Desktop\qxmpp-master\src\client"
    INCLUDEPATH += "C:\Users\moh\Desktop\qxmpp-master\src\server"
    SOURCES += main.cpp \
        mainwindow.cpp \
        ventanaarchivos.cpp \
        ventanaescritorio.cpp \
        ventanaopciones.cpp \
        ventanawebcam.cpp \
    HEADERS += mainwindow.h \
        ventanaarchivos.h \
        ventanaescritorio.h \
        ventanaopciones.h \
        ventanawebcam.h \
    FORMS += Forms/mainwindow.ui \
        Forms/ventanaArchivos.ui \
        Forms/ventanaescritorio.ui \
        Forms/ventanaopciones.ui \
        Forms/ventanawebcam.ui \
    win32 {
    win32-mingw32:QMAKE_LFLAGS += -static-libgcc
    win32-msvc2010:LIBS += -lqjpeg
    QTPLUGIN += qjpeg
    RC_FILE = demonio.rc
    TRANSLATIONS = cliente_en.ts \
                   cliente_de.ts \
                   cliente_fr.ts \
                   cliente_it.ts \
    RESOURCES     = resources.qrc

  • win32-msvc2010:LIBS += -lqjpeg is useless, you can remove it, QTPLUGIN does the job for you

    What compiler are you using to compile the project? I ask because LIBS += -lqxmpp0 -LC:/Users/moh/Desktop/build-qxmpp-Desktop_Qt_5_7_0_MSVC2013_32bit-Release/src obviously works only for MSVC2013 32bit

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    Remove this:

    CONFIG += static

    Add this:

    TEMPLATE = app

    Rerun qmake and rebuild. Why are you adding configurations that are only for libraries to the project?

  • i get the same error

  • maybe i need to reinstall visual? or change somethingm¿¿¿

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    As @VRonin asked, what compiler are you using ? It's not clear whether you might be mixing several of them.

  • compiler vs2013

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