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Info on QML installation and deployment..!

  • Hi i need some info regarding the QML, right now in our embedded device we are running Qt-4.7.4 & 5.5.0 and we are trying to develop applications in QML along with Qt and we tried to run some sample applications of QML in our device but i found there is a lag and some are unable to run properly.
    In my observation we are having QtQuick 1.0 in our device in need to install the latest of QML for our device and the device is running on the ARM architecture with Linux OS 32-bit having kernel version-3.X i have browsed in net and i am trying to build by the use info that was present in the Qt assistant too.Still i need some help does any one are having documents are links that can help me.I hope i have posted similar type of question a few months earlier please ignore it,
    Please Guide me
    Thanks in advance,

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    QtQuick 1.0 based on Qt4 were based on Qt Graphics and lacked hardware acceleration. Perhaps this is the lag that you are talking about ?
    Since you also have Qt5 why dont you port your application to QtQuick 2.x ? Pretty sure you will find a boost.

  • when we are writing QML applications by using the QtQuick 2.0 we are getting error 2.0 not found do i need to update the by reconfiguring Qt in order work with latest QML packages and application..?

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    @Rohith where do you write the applications ? How did you install Qt 5.5 on the device ?

  • 1.We are writing QML applications using VIM editor.
    2.We have downloaded the Qt-5.5.0 source and we have build it according to our device comparability and we ported to our device.

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    I meant are you creating application directly on the device ? In that case why dont you use QtCreator? This will automatically detect the installed kit and compiling will be easy or can be manually set.
    The error you are encoutering is proabably because the Qt Libs were not found by your application.

  • i too hope the same that libraries are missing, may be at the stage of building we missed the QML i think so is there a way to patch it so that we can make application work..?

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    @Rohith Not unless you compile and deploy that module again. Do you remember if you skipped any of the required modules ? You can check config.status to check with what options the Qt was built.
    Here is a list of modules:
    Check if you missed any of the QML related module.

  • Your guess is right i have missed the QML module and i think that does QML need support of OPENGL while configuring is it correct...?

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    @Rohith Yes.

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