QtCreator 3.6.1 and 4.0.1 don't open little projects files on windows 7 in a virtualbox

  • Hi, the both version of QtCreator don't open my projects files on windows 7 in a virtualbox.(with guest extensions installed).the QtCreator 3.2.1 version (of Qt5.3.2) runs but display an error message about missing Opengl extensions.Can we not use the new versions of QtCreator under windows in a virtualbox?

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    The welcome screen demands opengl.

    Creator dont open at all?
    You should try start creator with
    -noload Welcome

    so Welcome is disabled.

    If that works, disable it inside creator
    In Qt Creator, go to Help -> About Plugins...
    Uncheck Qt Creator --> Welcome
    Restart Qt Creator

  • @mrjj Thank you.QtCreator was stuck on the welcome screen and didn't open the project files.
    Now I have unchecked welcome in the plugins and it is ok.Thank you my problem is solved...

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