QCanBus: Problem to get a response to a CAN frame request

  • Hello everybody,

    I am trying to use the QCanBus library since 2 months and I have a problem.

    With the "can" example provided by QtCreator 5.7 I am able to read what is running on the CAN bus (peakcan, usbbus1, 250kbps with a PCAN USB stick).

    But when I emit a request frame to my node, this one should give me a reponse quickly. But never I get this response.
    If I start in the same time the "PCAN View" software (the software of the PCAN usb stick) I can see on the bus the request and the response...
    Consequently, the problem is in the Qt software... but what happens exactly... I don't know...

    Did you already see this problem? Do you know the solution?

    Best regards,


  • I can not send personal messages. Forgive me if I violate any rule. I'm doing a similar project. please contact me stowproject@gmail.com. We help each other.

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