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Scrollable pages on iPhone - Qt C++

  • Hello

    I've built a small app for iOS using Qt and C++. The app works and provide the information needed.
    However the design is 1) very simple and 2) not taking advantage of what a "mobile view" should be. Mainly, I don't know how to do to have scrollable pages. So everytime I need to add a new type of info, I have to create a new tab (I'm using a QStackedWidget) because all the data I want to display doesn't fit on one page. Every single window is a subclassed QWidget.
    Can you please give some insights on how to scroll vertically a QWidget window (or maybe should I use another container?) on an iPhone?

    Thanks in advance


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    You are likely looking for QScrollArea.

    However if you're on mobile and depending on your needs, you might want to consider using QtQuick.

  • Thanks a lot SGaist,
    Implemented and works great now. Took me some time to find QScroller::grabGesture for one finger scroll, but all fine now :).


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