RHEL 6.7, ICC (Intel C++ Compiler) 15.0, and Qt 5.6+

  • I'm pretty much forced to use this configuration for "business" reasons that are beyond me:

    OS: RHEL 6.7
    Compiler: ICC 15.0

    I'm about to start porting a large code-base from Qt 4.8.5 to Qt 5.6. Before I start, I wanted to ask the community if anyone has any experience with ICC 15.0 and Qt 5.

    The reason I'm cautious about using the above configuration is that Qt 5.6 documentation lists a minimum requirement of GCC 4.9.1 on RHEL 6.6. I'm not even sure ICC 15.0 is officially supported by Qt!

    Thanks in advance for sharing your experience!

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    You shouldn't have any problems in principle. I've had success compiling Qt (at least the core modules) with the intel compiler on the cluster in the university. It is supported, which is upheld by the fact of having a mkspec for icc/icpc (and bugs related to it ;)). My advice is to first compile the Qt modules you'd need for your application with the intel compiler. If you meet no problems, then your porting should be smooth sailing.

    Kind regards.

    Most probably the lack of popularity of the intel compiler is caused by its price ...

  • Hi there! Thanks for your help, appreciate it :)

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