Qt 5.4.1 and Windows 10

  • Hi guys,

    We are developing a software which uses the QtWebEngine to display a webpage of ours. We are still using Qt 5.4.1 and we noted that when running our product, Qt warns that Qt 5.4.1 is untested on Windows 10. I recently received a crash report from our customer and the crash dump indicates Qt failed in GLSurface::CreateOffscreenGLSurface due to the fact it has fallen through to the default case. Wondering is this due to the incompatibility between Qt 5.4.1 and Windows 10 and is it worth updating Qt? What is earliest Qt version that has been tested proper with Windows 10?

  • @Thuan_Firelight Hi! The first version with full Windows 10 support was Qt 5.6. This is also the latest Long Term Support release, so it's definitely worth upgrading.

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