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Any ideas how makefiles work for opengl

  • Semi Annoying i feel :( but i got another question any ideas how make files work i need to change some of the text in my proj file to use opengl with headers and i dont really understand it i can reread and try there but it would be awesome if i could get some first hand answering

    edit : sorry let me rephrase i need to know how to make QT Work with qtopengl Headers i read up that it was to do with 'MAKE' files or something any ideas

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  • Avoid writing Makefiles if possible. Write .pro files and use qmake to generate your Makefile.
    To add an includepath:
    @INCLUDEPATH += C:/mylibs/extra_headers@

    To link additional libraries:
    @LIBS += -L/usr/local/lib -lmath@

  • i would suggest to start another topic with your second question. That way you will get more attention in the forum.
    Did you succeed to get the examples now?

    Edit : thanks Gerolf

  • Not sure what you are trying to do, but to create a Qt project that works with OpenGL you just have to add
    @QT += opengl@
    to your .pro file.
    And, of course, include the header files you need from your source code, e.g.
    @#include <QtOpenGL>@

  • okay im back sorry for the long wait there! okay i dont even know where to put the QT += opengl part in the pro file it self i know where the file is i got it selected but where exactly on the pro file its self

    and include the header files? what like if im using opengl with qt i put that into the include code part

  • and Qmake? what where do i get it how do i use it and the hole nine yards

  • Anywhere in the .pro file will do but the QT variable normally gets placed outside of any scopes in the .pro file.

    Create a new project in Qt Creator, add QT+=opengl to the generated .pro file and build it. Qt Creator will take care of running qmake and compiling the project for you.

  • then i can just start writing opengl code into Main.qml?

  • Wha? You need to put OpenGL code into a C++ file since it needs to be compiled (OK there is a capability of QML in a special plugin to embed GLSL shaders directly into yoru QML items but that is very new and unsupported).

    Take a look at the OpenGL examples that ship with Qt itself.

  • Oh okay :D cool so you make another Source file and Call it whateva.cpp then inside that you type a bunch of opengl code press run and it works ? :D lol im just trying to make shore i get this 100% exact

    do i need to have any headers ? with the cpp?

  • Well I would start off with learning C++ before you dive into OpenGL. Once you are comfortable with C++ then take a look at Qt and finally learn about OpenGL.

    Qt ships with a huge number of examples and demos. Take a look at those and the documentation that comes with them (hint use qtdemo to launch the demos and the docs).

  • @
    <include> iostream
    using namespace std;

    int main ()

    cout << "im talking in c++ :P";

    system ("pause");
    return 0;

    im fine with c++

    im still learning opengl :) i just need to be told the meaning and exact information too fully understand which then misconcepts alot too that im a noob lol too most people dont worry about it

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  • To use OpenGL with Qt, you need a QGLWidget. Have a look at the "documentation":, it will tell you most things you need. If that's not enough, have a look at an example, e.g. "Hello GL":

  • Take a look at (or get an svn checkout of) this section of my repository to see how I have ported the first few examples from the OpenGL SuperBible book to Qt.

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