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Navigating back from article history page

  • if i'm in the history page or when i do a diff between two versions, how do I directly come back to the main article page, i.e. out of history? looks like using the browser back button is the only way. might be helpful to provide a link to the main page

  • Do I understand correctly that you are talking about the wiki? And you want to go back to the wiki page of which you are comparing diffs? Then you have to use the back button of your browser.

    How would a link instead of the back button make your life easier?

  • the diff is implemented well, and back button takes me to the original page, even after I have diff'ed multiple times.

    But If i view a particular version, from there how do I go back to original version? What if I select article history again and view another version, i can keep doing this and I can reach a situation where I might have to click back button multiple times ... clicking to view the newest version in the article history does not really take you back to original page. Maybe a bit elaborate scenario, but could be a real scenario ...

    I like how wikipedia handles this, there is always a "read" link on the top ... what do you think?

  • I see. We will discuss this here and see what we can come up with. I guess it does make sense in certain scenarios.

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