QmlSql simple Qml plugin for QSql

  • Hello there all.

    First not sure if this post should go here, Please feel free to move. But anyway.

    I have made binding and other classes that connect to QSqlError, QSqlDatabase, QSqlQuery and QSqlQueryModel. Feel free to use them and give feed back. give a star if you like on github.

    I am sure that this has been done before also. But again feel free to use.

    Also i love tickets and pull requests :)

    Host here on github

    Joseph Mills

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    It looks interesting, but it actually shows what my biggest beef with QML is - using it for imperative code. It's advertised as declarative, but I see many people using it with (much) JS (meaning imperative). There were even requests on the mailing list to add official file support. Obviously this is no fault of yours, just throwing my 2 cents in.

    Kind regards.

  • @kshegunov Hello there well that is nice it just so happens that I have wrapping and other things for QFile, QDir, QFileInfo, QFileSystemWatcher, QMimeType ect. IMHO There is only a couple of ways to get around the whole imperative vs declarative subject and that would take a real long talk. I think that history of qml./qtquick is what was the issue. where symbian was the core target for a minute. This has sense beached out to all form factors.

    Here is where things start to get a little odd for me when making wrapping and plugin libs for qml ( I have about 40 of them ) When is the point when I say "no you should not do this , this way" thus taking the declarative out of the picture. A good example in the lib above would be connectionNames in QSql it is such a great feature that I just could not drop it. But then that made it so to be able to use one has to make connection points based on there string names.

    There are other things also like storage in memory with different strings that might be sensitive that QSqlDatabase::addDatabase even talks about in there docs .

    Anyways Cheers,


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