CMakeLists.txt and ToolChain

  • Hi:
    I am new to QT. Ok in VS (which is easier to built and distribute desktop application).

    So, I know this topic might not be new (as I google around) , still I am going nowhere, So, here I am:

    I am trying to get a feel about QT, do some basic staff.

    Here are my headache:

    1. 2 PC (1 laptop with Window 10 home, another Desktop with Window 10 Pro), same installation, the Desktop having Error in Kits
      "The ABI of the Selected Debugger does not match the toolchain ABI". I Reinstalled QT (5.6.1/5.70) again, same error again.
      What should I do?

    2. CmakeLists.txt ---> I would like to know the basic standard Cmakelists.txt for QT and where I can get it , so that I can explore and learn more.



  • Hi!

    1. What compiler and debugger do you use? What Qt binaries did you install?
    2. The default build system used is qmake, but if you like to learn how to build Qt projects with Cmake then maybe start here.

  • @Wieland

    Qt 5.6/5.7 64bit with visual studio 2015 community and window10 debugger.

    Funny thing, it work with my laptop (window 10 home) but not desktop (window 10 pro).

    This for the link which it briefly read through before this post which I missed mainly because of the problem I had on the installation. I will want to compare qmake and cmake though.

    Now, should I uninstall window sdk and QT, and restart pc ?

  • Moderators

    @Ongsk Did you check the Kit on the desktop PC? Are there any warnings/errors?

  • @jsulm

    Yeah, a warning with the toolchain just like what I described above. Anyway, I overcame this, by selecting to "None" , quit qt then reselect the appropriate compiler. May be the Autodetect feature not working accordingly.

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