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Timeout using unified online installer

  • When using the qt-unified-windows-x86-2.0.3-1-online.exe, lately I get timeouts when the metadata is collected and therefore I cannot install Qt by using it.
    Are there any server issues known or is it a problem of the installer (in that case I would open an entry in the bugtracker, because I couldn't find such one that affects the current installer)?

    On my side I have permanently more than 20 MBit/s download rate and downloading e.g. the Qt-Offline-Installer for Qt 5.7.0 Windows x64 VS2015 takes me less than 5 minutes, so the problem does not seem be related to the connection itself for me.

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    Not sure what does it. I was sitting at a 100/100 and got timeout also.
    Seems to be related to location in the world. so if you are far away, the bandwidth is not so
    important as the latency.
    I have seen people have this issue from time to time in forum but no real clues to the cause.
    Often the post was resolved by using offline installer.

  • Can the adress of the server, where the metadata are fetched from, be found so I can ping it and check the latency? Or is there any hidden feature to change the timeout-settings? Using an offline-installer would make managing different Qt-Versions harder again.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    One thing you can do is use the QtSdkRepoChooser project to modify which mirror you want to access.

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