Ghost break point

  • Hi,

    I would like to know why Qt creator creates sometimes a Ghost break point.
    I run my program in debug, sometimes the program stop like a break point but
    I have no break point and no error in output. It's extremely awkward because this "break point" is
    always in my application::notify.

    How can I avoid this problem?

    Sorry for my very bad english.

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    Hi and welcome

    That sounds odd. Have you tried to Toggle it ?
    Set it on, set it off.

    You should tell
    what OS, and what Qt version,

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    Are you sure it's not an assert? These are checks for fundamental conditions in your code and they trigger breakpoints if they are not satisfied

  • It's like an assertion but (I have no red dot only the yellow arrow)
    but no message displayed in output.
    I' am on MAC OS with Qt 5.7.

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    @Roy44 Can you show the line where it stops?

  • I made some experience, the problem come from an external plugin of my application.
    If I load this later I avoid th problem.

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